Uhm, excuse me Apple, but what the hell is this?

I don’t have time for ugly shit on my iPhone, nkay?



Gevonden op een muur van de toiletten op de Arteveldehogeschool Kantienberg.

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Late night studio session…

This song, produced by Le Babar, is gonna be MINE, y’all!



Work, work, working on our shit.

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Although the coffee isn’t the best ever, I really do enjoy being in Starbucks-shops. Really relaxing.

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Music is really all I need… x


(All vocals are mine)


Such a difficult but fun part to sing, I just had to give it a try!




The ignorance and blatant homophobic remarks from Mirjana, Keith and Denzel during last night’s episode made me sick. I’m still so furious re-watching this now. Who the fuck cares if Matthew kissed Will?

"I just think that’s super gay" / "If you do it once [kiss someone of the same sex] there’s no going back”. UM??? Like are you fucking kidding me? Get these idiots off TV, honestly. The worst part is that in next week’s episode, Mirjana’s ignorant, stupid ass has a full on make-out session with Kari, tongue and all, and all the guys get extremely excited and happy. But that’s okay, right? Two girls making out, and all the guys stare and go crazy and love it. But a man kisses a gay man and you bombard him with accusations that he’s blatantly gay, and then make him explain himself? Fuck this shit.

I have SO much love for Matthew at how he handled what was basically an attack on him for doing something as innocent as kissing another man. The fact that they all gathered around him and interrogated him is honestly sickening and I wish Tyra or someone brought it up in during the judging panel. There is no fucking reason why Matthew should even have to explain himself!

Matthew is a beautiful soul and needs to be protected. I loved the things he said when he was being questioned, like "Kissing Will was not a sexual, passionate thing. It was a ’I respect you as a human being, you’re beautiful, here’s a kiss’." and "They are sitting here saying I could be gay or bi or whatever, which if i was, great. But I’m not, I stand for no labels."

God bless him.


Can we also point out that the kiss was never televised unlike the girls kiss/make out session.

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"Het terras zit vol." (bij Frituur WilFrit Oilsjt)

The end of Ghent Streetstyle.


Bevond zich na een eeuwigheid ook nog eens vóór de camera.

Working on some awesome (but secret) projects.


The Hungarian National Holiday in Budapest, 20th of August 2014. Part 2!

#Budapest #AlkotmányunkÜnnepe #Egészségére #Latergram #CashmereCat #fireworks (bij Szechenyi Lanchid - Chain Bridge, Szechenyi Ter)